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Diamondcup 2019 Luxemburg

Pic´s from the Diamond Cup Luxemburg 2019 Buy your Stage Pics for 20€ in full size!!!!! eMail: jens@europeanathletic.com Gallerie 1 Opening Show Muscular Men´s Physique Women Body fitness Men´s Classic Physique Gallerie 2 Womens´s Physique Men´s Classic Bodybuilding Gallerie 3 Junior Men´s Physique Junior Women Bikini Fitness Master Men physique Master men Bodybuilding Master Women […]

Panatta Worldcup 2019

All Pics from the Panatta Worldcup 2019 Buy your Stage Pic´s 20€  Gallerie 1 Men´s Classic Bodybuilding, Mens Bodybuilding up to 90 and over 90kg   Gallerie 2 Buy your Stage Pic´s 20€ Junior Womens Bikini Fitness, Master Womens Bikini Fitness,Master Womens Bodyfitness   Gallerie 3 Buy your Stage Pic´s 20€ Junior Mens Physique, Womens […]

Schweden GrandPrix 2019 Malmö

Schweden Grand Prix Mens Physique up to 174 Mens Physique up to 178 Mens Physique up to 182 Junior Mens Physique Muscular Physique   Women Bodyfitness upt to 163 and +163 Junior Women Bikinifitbess open Men Classic Bodybuilding up to 180 and +180   Women Wellness Fitness Open Womens Physique Open Master Men Bodybuilding over […]

Worldchampionship 2018 Benidorm

The pics from the World Championship in Benidorm 2018   Men Bodybuilding over 100kg, Super Finale, Bodybuilding up to incl. 90kg, 95kg, 100kg   Mens Games Classic up to 175cm, over 175cm , Bodybuilding up to incl. 85kg, Muscular Physique, Mens Bodybuilding up to incl.  65kg, 70kg   Mens Bodybuilding up to incl. 75kg, 80kg […]

Peter Molnar, Artem Pakhniuk and Ruslan Dronchanka

Off the Arnoldclassic, Europeanathletic had a shooting with the winner of junior bodybuilding, junior classic bodybuilding and the unique Peter Molnar, Artem Pakhniuk and Ruslan Dronchanka. Peter was in excellent form 2 days out. Ruslan and Artem had just taken their titles as Arnoldclassic winners in the Junior Bodybuilding and Junior Classic. Both athletes have […]