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Diamondcup 2019 Luxemburg

Pic´s from the Diamond Cup Luxemburg 2019 Buy your Stage Pics for 20€ in full size!!!!! eMail: jens@europeanathletic.com Gallerie 1 Opening Show Muscular Men´s Physique Women Body fitness Men´s Classic Physique Gallerie 2 Womens´s Physique Men´s Classic Bodybuilding Gallerie 3 Junior Men´s Physique Junior Women Bikini Fitness Master Men physique Master men Bodybuilding Master Women […]

Panatta Worldcup 2019

All Pics from the Panatta Worldcup 2019 Buy your Stage Pic´s 20€  Gallerie 1 Men´s Classic Bodybuilding, Mens Bodybuilding up to 90 and over 90kg   Gallerie 2 Buy your Stage Pic´s 20€ Junior Womens Bikini Fitness, Master Womens Bikini Fitness,Master Womens Bodyfitness   Gallerie 3 Buy your Stage Pic´s 20€ Junior Mens Physique, Womens […]

Peter Molnar, Artem Pakhniuk and Ruslan Dronchanka

Off the Arnoldclassic, Europeanathletic had a shooting with the winner of junior bodybuilding, junior classic bodybuilding and the unique Peter Molnar, Artem Pakhniuk and Ruslan Dronchanka. Peter was in excellent form 2 days out. Ruslan and Artem had just taken their titles as Arnoldclassic winners in the Junior Bodybuilding and Junior Classic. Both athletes have […]